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What is The Job of a Registered Nurse After School?

What is The Job of a Registered Nurse?

What is the job of a registered nurse depends on the kind of organization or medical establishment a person is working at. The job of a registered nurse isn’t homogeneous.

Nursing is one of the oldest known professions, it’s a profession of caring. As the society evolved so did the profession of nursing. Over the period of time, it has transformed into the well-organized profession, with its own code of ethics, systematic training, and demands. Currently, it is a profession with a well-described job profile.

There are various kinds of nursing jobs. Nurses work not only in hospitals; they may work in summer camps, cruise ships, military facilities, physician’s offices etc. The job of a registered nurse often involves providing care twenty-four hours a day; hence nurses do their job in shifts and have to work on holidays. In return, the modern-day nurse can expect good compensation for such a difficult job.What is the job of a registered nurse

Qualities of a good nurse

Nursing as a profession does not suit everyone. There are certain qualities and expectations to be there in a person planning to do the job of a registered nurse. Some of the qualities are inbuilt but most of them can be learned or acquired with practice. Nursing like all other medical related jobs require continuous learning, the nurse must be caring, observant, with good interpersonal communication skills.

One of the models describing what is professionalism in registered nursing job has been created by Abraham Flexner;

  • Be intellectual
  • be responsible
  • based on evidence-based practice
  • practical
  • theoretical
  • and highly motivated

Duties of a nurse

What does a registered nurse do in a job may vary from place to place, but still there are things which most registered nurses are expected from their job;

  • Record down patients history of diseases and symptoms
  • Administer treatment and medicine to the patient, if needed some procedures within the scope of registered nurse
  • Provide care to the patients in a planned manner
  • Continually observe the patients, observe for vital signs and other changes in health
  • Collaborate with a doctor in providing healthcare and contribute to the teamwork at job
  • Use medical equipment and monitor with the help of devices
  • Understand the results of diagnostic tests and help the patient in getting tested
  • Educate patients and their caregivers about health and disease management
  • Keep patients psychologically motivated, thus contributing to their complete wellness.

Duties of the registered nurse may depend upon the specialty ward they are working in, thus;

Addiction nurse may help patients to overcome addiction to drugs, alcohol, and other substances.

  • Cardiology nurse has to provide cardiac care.
  • Neonatal nurse provides care for newborn babies.
  • Rehabilitation nurse works with disabled people, helping them to adapt to daily life.
  • A nurse working in physician’s office is expected to assist the physician in various matters, even in office administration.

Not all nurses’ work in the clinics, some nurses may work as educators, healthcare consultants, researchers, medical writers, and editors.

Improving your nursing practice

Nursing is both an art and a science. To do the job of a registered nurse well, one must continue to study, read a lot and keep learning new clinical skills. Never stop asking questions if you are confused about something, don’t hesitate to ask your seniors. Advance your knowledge by specializing. You can join online courses or courses offering flexible study hours. Most importantly, remember that you are a nurse, both inside and outside the office, so join volunteering groups, lend your talent and skills to the charity organizations. More experience and skills you have, more prospects you will have at your job. Whatever you do just put your whole heart in it.

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