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The Process of LPN Online Class Application in Texas

online LPN class in TexasCurrently, Texas has more than 65,000 licensed practical nurses within their reach. These LPNs have an average salary amounting to around $39,000. Due to the state’s outstanding comfort difference for registered nurses, advancing from LPN to RN is advisable. Pursuing either an LPN or RN degree in cities like Austin, Dallas, Houston, El Paso and San Antonio will pave out prevalent numbers of prospective educational opportunities.

One of the fastest and most rewarding areas that LPNs in Texas can be employed in would be long-term facilities and home health agencies. Still, it is for you to decide whether you are going to settle on working in a home care or in a hospital as an LPN or drive your way through becoming a registered nurse.

Going through the process

To help you out, here are the proper procedures on LPN online application in Texas.

First, you must search for practical nursing courses or programs online that are approved by the Texas Board of Nursing. You have to make sure that the online program is properly regulated by the board otherwise your efforts will come out wasted. Usually online LPN classes would last for 18 months with the inclusion of exposures to various healthcare settings.

After you have successfully surpassed that, you are now qualified to apply for licensure examination. Here, you need to request from your school’s director to provide an Affidavit of Graduation to be submitted to the Texas Board of Nursing.

Then you request for fingerprint cards that should be returned to the Texas Board of Nursing. You will receive a notice that you can now be qualified for the NCLEX-PN examination which has a fee of $200.

Once you are given the go signal, you can now proceed with taking the test. If you pass the exam, you will receive your license and can now be tagged as a licensed practical nurse.

Reality of online LPN class in Texas

Has it ever occurred to you that you wanted to become a registered nurse someday? Good news is being a fully-pledged licensed practical nurse will ease out some of the difficulties that you have to go through when the moment you decided to advance to becoming an RN. However, not all LPN programs posted online are accredited by the board which is why it is advised that you have to do a thorough background check on your chosen online school.

Licensed practical nurses are required to have their license renewed every two years. Before renewal, one of the requirements must be completing at least 20 hours of continuing education.

Job stability outlook in Texas

For those who are wondering, there is a high demand in RNs and LPNs. This rise in number calls for more opportunities opening for the members of the healthcare team. Home health institutions, clinics and most especially hospitals situated in Texas are offering higher salaries with incentives, flexible work schedules, and even continuous educational benefits.

Right now, Texas has a 91 LPN comfort score which places the state on the 9th rank. On the other hand, it is on the 6th rank for its RNs. With this information, it is always suggested that investing on an online LPN course is advisable and is indeed rewarding.