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Steps to Becoming an LPN Can Be Easier Than You Think

Are you considering on taking steps to becoming an LPN? An LPN is a very enriching and rewarding career! You may be wondering how to get started. Take a look at the following steps to becoming an LPN!

6 Steps to Becoming an LPN

  1. Decide the type of credentials

Steps to Becoming an LPNFirst, you need to decide the kind of credentials you would like to have as an LPN. You can either graduate with a diploma or certificate.

Either can be acquired at a nursing school, university, community college, an institution or specialized program.

Credential reputation can vary depending on the education so it is important to research where you would like to go.

  1. Enroll in a program

Once you decide on where you would like to go for the first step in becoming an LPN, you must then enroll in a program. Enrolling in a program takes time and requires many cooperative steps with the institution. This includes registering at the school, applying for financial assistance, signing up for classes, and completing the enrollment process before buying necessary books and materials. Be sure to speak with a guidance counselor to help you keep on track and aware of every step you need to take to ensure all your classes run smoothly.

  1. Complete the enrolled program

Now that you are enrolled, you need to pass and complete your classes. Some programs may want you to complete core classes required by the school to receive a degree before starting basic nursing courses. A guidance counselor will help you determine what classes you should take during the appropriate semesters. In your program, you will be able to have hands-on and laboratory experience in your training.

  1. Pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN)

As part of steps taken to becoming a certified LPN, every graduate is required to take the NCLEX-PN that is administered in all fifty states in order to continue moving towards your license. It is wise to take the examination not too long after finishing your LPN program. This is because information is fresh in your mind and will likely help you to pass. The test is computerized and consists of multiple questions focusing on specific areas of nursing.

  1. Apply for your license

Once you have passed your NCLEX-PN, you will be able to apply for your official license at the local state board of nursing. Talk to your local state board of nursing to see what the requirements and steps are for applying.

  1. Additional steps

If you would like, you are able to take professional certification training or courses. They allow you to specialize in clinical roles like gerontology, IV therapy, pharmacology and more. Honing in on a particular skill or having additional training increases your chances of being hired. When you are ready to join the workforce, take the time to write a quality resume. This can give you an advantage over other LPNs. Once you feel like you have your feet on the ground, consider additional training or education; like working for a higher degree. This will open more doors and opportunities for you! It also increases the chance of receiving a higher salary.

Get Started on Becoming an LPN Today

The steps to becoming an LPN are not complicated. Decide on the credentials you would like, enroll in a program, complete it, take the examination, and accomplish any additional steps. All you need to do is stick to the path and put all the effort you have into it. Good luck and work hard towards being a licensed practical nurse!