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Oregon State Nursing School For Becoming LPN Professional

Why Oregon State Nursing School For Becoming LPN is a Great Choice?

One of the quickest ways to launch your career in nursing is to become licensed practical nurse (LPN). Oregon State has many schools that are offering the courses. It is one of the best states to be in the profession of nursing. In Oregon, salaries are one of the highest for both LPN and RN. As per the website, bls.gov LPN can expect on average to get the salary of 49160 USD, whereas RN can expect to get 83800 USD. Usually, salaries are higher in cities as compared to rural areas. One can also expect to get higher salaries by working in Nursing care facilities as compared to working in physician’s office.Oregon state nursing school

For becoming LPN you have to finish education in nursing and then clear the licensing examination.

Going to nursing school in Oregon

A quick way to start working as a nurse in Oregon State is to finish one-year schooling in approved nursing school which includes hands-on practice, and then go for licensing examination. You can finish certificate or diploma course, but if you are planning to grow your career then it is better to go for either associate degree in nursing (which takes around 2 years) or go for a bachelor degree (which will take 4 years). It is important that you choose the nursing school approved by Oregon state board of nursing. You can opt for some of the top rated schools having 100% pass rate after the completion, top 3 of them are mentioned below;

  1. Treasure Valley Community College – Ontario
  2. Central Oregon Community College – Bend
  3. Oregon Coast Community College – Newport

Getting license to practice

Once you finish your nursing school in Oregon state, you have to go for licensing exam held by Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN). The license gives you right to work as a nurse. Working as a nurse without a license is a punishable offense.

The license is given for a maximum period of 2 years, it expires a day before your birthday. You can renew your license 90 days in advance. To renew your license you have to fulfill one of the following conditions;

  • You have professional experience in nursing of more than 960 hours in last 5 years.
  • You have completed a refresher course in last 2 years.
  • You have qualified from Oregon State Board of Nursing approved school in last 5 years.

In addition to fulfilling one of the above conditions, you also have to once finish the 7 hours pain management continuing education.

Further information regarding various aspects of licensing can be found here.

Advancing in career

Once started working as LPN, most of the nurses go on to become registered nurses (RN). As RN has a much higher salary and professional autonomy. How long it takes in Oregon to become RN depends upon the nursing school you finished in Oregon state for becoming LPN, if you have finished an associate degree in nursing then you are qualified to appear for the exam of registered nurse. Though to get a well-paying job of RN it is better to give exam after getting a bachelor degree in nursing, as some hospitals and clinics clearly demand this qualification, so does many professional organizations.

Highest position in the nursing practice in Oregon is Advanced Practice Nurse (APN), APN is often specialized in the certain area of care. Like midwifery, anesthesia etc.  APN has the highest level of professional autonomy and can carry out many activities without the supervision of a doctor. You can find more information about recognized specialties for APN in the state of Oregon and license procedure here.