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LPN Programs in North Carolina

LPN programs in NC are growing because of the booming opportunities for nursing career. North Carolina is one of the many states that are in need of LPNs and nurses. As a proof, LPN percentage got 16 in the total population of nurses in that state. The LPN comfort score got a total of 92 while the RN degree is much higher in 128. These things only mean that pursuing your nursing career is possible through the  different programs offered in different schools in NC. According to research, the cities of Charlotte, Greensboro, and Raleigh Have the best educational institutions to provide nursing career for students.

LPN Degree and Training

Before you even enroll and settle into a university or college, be sure to know what are the steps you will need to take before becoming a certified LPN. In North Carolina, LPN students should complete the required months of training and lectures in order to graduate. There are “speed” programs that can shrink the curriculum to 9 months but the more common length is 18 months.
Courses like anatomy, physiology, medical  and surgical nursing, obstetrical nursing, nutrition and holistic care should be taken up. You also need to do hands on classes for these course. These will all be considered when you go and get your LPN license. In addition to these things, training in practical setting should be done for subjects like CPR and first aid. You must remember that if you practice your profession, you need to be prepared for emergency situations since you will be caring for elderly patients.

Continuity of Nursing Career- Master’s Degree for RN and Training for LPN

Another program introduced in North Carolina is the Master of Science degree for registered nurses. If you are a certified LPN and wants to take up and M.S., you will need to get a 4-year degree first.
If you have higher education, you can pursue other professions including teaching and managing. Just make sure you also have a certain number of years in clinical practice. You also need to establish a good reputation and a good relationship with you colleagues because you will need their recommendation letter if you want to apply for a teaching position.

Online Classes

Aside from the LPN degree and Masters, there is actually one form of program offered for students who are working while studying. This is the online classes at home, LPN programs in NC via the internet. These are actual legitimate and certified degrees. To make sure that you get a recognized degree, be sure to check if the online university you are enrolling is registered.
It would also be good to check their curriculum and compare it the curriculum of an an actually physical university. This will give you a solid idea on the quality of education you will be getting from them. Lastly, check if they have partner institutions. Even if it is an online university, you should still be required to take an on the job training before you get your LPN programs in NC.