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LPN Programs in Georgia

There is a consensus among experts that the health care industry is very secure and suitable for people who want a career that will experience long term growth, regardless of the current economic state. Nursing homes, mental health facilities, and hospitals are seeing an increase of patients, many of them having trouble finding enough medical professionals to keep up with the demand. The situation is especially true in the state of Georgia, so if you don’t want to be trapped in a job that has no opportunity for future advancement, it may be time to consider LPN programs in Georgia.

A career as a licensed practical nurse is perfect for individuals who enjoy working with people, as well as the opportunity to help others live longer and healthier lives. LPN Programs in Georgia are designed to provide all the training and knowledge in order to learn how to provide the best level of care to patients.

Individuals who are already employed, currently studying, or have personal obligations that make them reluctant to go back to school will be glad to know that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated a massive increase in demand for practical nurses in Georgia, with an expected 21 percent growth in the number of LPN opportunities available in the state. This means it is now less of a risk to undergo Georgia LPN training in a properly accredited school.

Accredited Institutions Offering LPN programs in Georgia

1. Keiser University Campus – with campuses in Tallahassee, FL, the Keiser University offers programs in Nursing, AS, Medical Assisting (CMA), AS, and an online training in Nursing, BS. They are considered by most as the Number 1 LPN online university because of the quality of LPNs they produce.

2. Sanford-Brown Institute – with campuses in Jacksonville, FL, the Sanford-Brown Institute provides advanced programs that allow individuals to complete certificates or degree programs in as little as 9 months. They are one of the most expensive but they also provide premium training. They are known for their sophisticated on the job training they provide their students.

3. Brown Mackie College – situated in Atlanta, GA, the Brown Mackie College offers certificate, diploma, associate degree, and bachelor’s degree programs in a wide range of fields via their unique “one course a month” scheduling. This is why most people prefer this. It is more convenient for those who are working to take this as it allows them to plan their schedule on a monthly basis.

4. Everest University – with campuses in Orange Park and Jacksonville, the Everest University provides programs for CMA (Medical Assistant).

5. Everest College – not to be confused with the University, Everest College is situated in Atlanta, GA and offers Associate of Applied Science programs for Medical Assistant (CMA).

6. Medtech – with campuses in Atlanta, GA, Medtech provides programs in a wide range of health related courses, such as medical assistant, medical assisting, medical billing and coding, medical lab technology, and nursing. They also offer short-term career courses.