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LPN Online Class Illinois

LPN Online Class IllinoisThere are many medical schools that offer the LPN requirements online in the State of Illinois. A few of the schools include the University of Phoenix, Illinois Central College, and Harper College. To successfully complete the required training of this course, the involved students are expected to attend clinical session of the training. To be considered for LPN Classes in Illinois, one is required to apply for licensure.

Applying for licensure

  • Application is made directly online. The student needs to register for the LPN examination. Information on how to apply for examination online is provided by continental testing website.
  • The provided information helps in determining the documentation along with the forms you must submit. There are a number of ways through which one may file to obtain an LPN, they include: examination, endorsement, and restoration.
  • First time applicants and those who wish to restore their licensure as licensed practical nurse in the State of Illinois need to undergo a criminal background check. Thereafter provide evidence of fingerprint processing from a designated agent.

First time applicants of licensed practical nurse are required to undertake examination. Before proceeding with Online LPN Class in Illinois, all the necessary supporting documentation must be submitted. This includes the application and quoted fee.

General examination instruction

  • The necessary documentation for licensure by examination is submitted to continental testing services.
  • Fee payment for application is made through money order payable to continental testing services or a certified check.
  • A separate examination registration fee is paid at the time of registration.
  • The conditions of application states that the applicant has but three years to complete the application process as well as passing of examination, from the date of receipt of application.
  • Applicants who fail examination within the three years are expected to submit proof of completion of a department-sanctioned nursing education program.

As a first time applicant, you are not allowed to practice until you have successfully completed in addition to passing the department approved examination. An applicant, may; however, practice as a licensed practical nurse under direct supervision for a time span of three months; from the date the examination was passed.

Application requirements for licensed practical nurse

Licensure by examination requires the applicant to produce a number of documents, including:

  • Application for licensure
  • CT-NUR form
  • And the following documents:
    • Supporting document ED-NUR (completed by dean with institution seal attached), in the event that the applicant’s nursing education is from the U.S.
    • A credential evaluation report of nursing education and approved by an authorized department; in the event that an applicant’s nursing education is from another nation or state other than the State of Illinois.

Licensed practical nurses are usually educated in vocational schools, such as University of Phoenix, Harper College and Illinois Central College. After completion of educational program through LPN from any of the medical schools, a graduate practical nurse is thereafter eligible to sit for a licensing examination. The duties of an LPN are directed toward health teaching, providing supportive care which alleviates the patient’s problems, and restorative care-which is designed to improve function and regain strength. After one has passed the licensure examination and become an LPN, he or she can be employed in hospitals and long-term care facilities in Illinois.