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LPN Classes Made Available in Alaska

LPN Classes Made Available Online

lpn schools in alaskaAlaska has an increasing demand for medical professionals, particularly Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs). They make up 11% of the total nurses and have an average hourly income of $22.36 and average annual income of $39,000. The growing demand for LPNs secures your employment so you won’t have to worry about looking for a job after finishing the program.

Get your LPN Degree

The fastest way for you to become a nurse is to enroll in a practical nursing program. This program includes classes and hands-on training that will only take you one year to complete; compared to spending four years in the university to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing. This saves you a lot of time and money.

To register in a practical nursing program, you will need to submit the following requirements:

  • High School or GED Official Transcript of Records
  • Application Fee
  • Average GPA of 2.5
  • Pass Background Check and Drug Screening
  • Two Letters of Recommendation

LPN classes include human anatomy and physiology, intermediate algebra, English composition, introductory psychology, introduction to health careers, foundations of nursing, pharmacology, nutrition in nursing, maternal and child nursing, adult and geriatric nursing, and mental health in nursing. The curriculum also requires clinical training in nursing facilities and laboratory work.

Become an LPN in Alaska

To become an LPN in Alaska you must complete the following requirements:

  • Earn your LPN Degree
  • Pass the licensure exam given by the Alaska Board of Nursing
  • They will need your transcript of records so have your school send it to the Board.
  • Pay the test fee of $284
  • Obtain a CPR certification

To finish the LPN curriculum, you are required to attend daytime classes. It becomes a problem when you want to do the course but you have such a busy schedule that you cannot allot time to go to class. If this is the case, then you might want to consider applying for an online LPN class.


Convenience of an LPN online class

Online classes are less demanding of your time. It will let you complete the course at your own pace because the curriculum is so flexible. Choosing your own schedule will let you focus more on the actual studying, because you will not worry about being late on your other appointments. 24/7 access to your online LPN class will let you study your manuals when you want it and take exams when you feel like you’re ready for it.

Look for a good online LPN class in Alaska

Now that you’re ready to enroll in an online class, make sure that your school of choice is accredited by the American Nurses Association which is the main body that implements rules and regulations, or it is recognized by the Alaska State Board. Ideally in Alaska, LPN online classes should be taken only from accredited schools. These schools have passed the standards set by these governing bodies so only graduates from such schools are qualified to take the LPN licensure exam after finishing the program.

You’re now ready to enroll to an LPN class! Best of luck to getting that license!