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Facts on Becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse in Washington

It is stated that one of the most promising careers for this generation is the medical field. True to that, there is a huge demand for licensed practical nurses within America. On the other hand, if you currently have a job and still wanted to pursue another career, today’s LPN program options are set in flexible manner.

Thankfully, the state of Washington is now offering brief, concise and specialized LPN courses that are specifically designed to prepare students in passing the NCLEX-PN examination and adhering to their responsibilities as practical nurses in their chosen medical setting.

Online LPN programs are also available in Washington to cater to the working class who still wanted to have another degree or work for another license.

For the sake of those who are thinking of getting an LPN degree in Washington, here is what you need to know.


While there are slight differences for every school in terms of requirements, there are certain commonalities like:

  1. Submitting a high school diploma.
  2. Passing the school’s assessment exam.
  3. Completing prerequisite courses.
  4. Drug screening.
  5. Physical examination.
  6. Background check.

There are also schools that would require some proof of immunizations taken in the past, liability or health insurance, and CPR certification.

LPNs in Washington

Currently, there are more than 20 schools in the state that offer LPN courses. All of these courses include a theory-based learning system with clinical exposures. Eligibility of an individual to be an LPN is through two extents:

  • By examination
  • Endorsement

In order to become eligible for an examination, the student must complete an LPN program that is approved by the state. This can either be done in classroom format or online education. He or she must also acquire certification that is sent by the nursing program.

As for those aiming for endorsement, here are the things that you must do have:

  1. LPN license coming from a different state.
  2. Education verification.
  3. Proof of active and current license.
  4. NCLEX certification and result.

Completion of Training

Upon completion of LPN training, graduates should now seek licensure by taking the NCLEX-PN exam. The moment you passed the examination, your nursing program should be submitted in order to complete licensing.

Responsibilities of LPNs in Washington

Being an LPN in Washington, your are required to be adept in performing medication administration, taking vital signs, assisting the patient in mobility, and other forms of responsibilities.

LPN Class Availabilities

Working adults who wanted to become licensed practical nurses but cannot do the traditional setting, can opt for an online LPN class in the state of Washington. Aside from time flexibility, they can definitely fit their classes in their schedule and just take exam when it is convenient. Classes can be taken 24/7.

The need to be present in every subject is no longer a necessity and avoiding the hustle and stress of traffic is definitely possible. However, after the lectures are over, you still need to allot time for clinical exposures or duties.