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Essentials for Applying to an LPN Class in Connecticut

Currently, there are about 13 schools in Connecticut that are catering to LPN classes. Among those schools, you have to be equipped to analyze which one is best for you. You also have options to be enrolled in online LPN programs in Connecticut. But first, here are some basic things that you must be acquainted with.

Earning a degree in Connecticut

It is said that in this state, if you wanted to become a nurse, being an LPN is the quickest way to do it. A year of hands-on practice and training courses are expected. Students are expected to also acquire a CPR card then pass the NCLEX-PN examination once the course is completed.

Facts about Connecticut LPN programs

  1. LPN programs, either conventional or online, are usually found in community colleges or vocational and technical schools. Graduates are usually awarded with certificates or diplomas rather than a typical degree.
  2. In order to become a fully-pledged LPN in the state, you must meet the educational requirements set by a nursing program that is approved by the state. This means that your school of choice must be duly accredited by your state to instruct LPN theories for more than 10 months and accumulate not less than 1,500 hours in class.

Once you have chosen your school, there are a couple of things that you have to prepare to be admitted.

  • Admission requirements are GED or high school diploma.
  • Applicants may also be asked to present a nurse assistant certification.
  • Other medical course prerequisites like biology.
  1. Reputable LPN institutions have to be recognized by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission which indicates that a particular LPN course is properly created to prepare the students for a well-rounded education that can cope with the current trends in practical nursing.
  2. After completing the LPN theory syllabus, the students are now expected to be exposed to actual clinical settings. The duration of study is usually one year.
  3. Licensure is given by the state. The student must first submit an examination application and official transcript of records from their accredited institution. Currently, the fee for taking the exam is $85.

After passing the licensure examination, licensed practical nurses can now start working in their preferred settings.

Connecticut LPN Salary Status

At most, licensed practical nurses can earn as much as $25/hour and have a summed yearly income of $52,000. An hourly wage with this amount is considered the highest given in the state and most likely given to those LPNs who are hired in the metro. On the other hand, it can significantly be bent to lower wages in various areas of the state like in the province.

Connecticut LPN Working Environment

Licensed practical nurses hired in the state can work in various clinical facilities like hospitals, home care, and clinics. Those who are working in huge hospitals most likely get higher salaries than those who opt to work in clinics.

As of this moment, it is advisable that LPNs focus on working in long term healthcare facilities since it is considered as one of the fastest growing healthcare industries within the state.