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Steps to Becoming an LPN Starts With LPN Online Class

LPN online classYou have just taken your first steps with LPN Online Class to becoming an lpn. Welcome to the web’s most encyclopedic nursing education resource, the complete guide to everything you need to know about starting out your career as an LPN. Our goal is to help you find the best nursing school for your needs and provide you information on all aspects of becoming and functioning as an LPN. We seek to bring more people into this lucrative and rewarding career and to conserve the availability and quality of healthcare in the future.

Congratulations on taking the first step to start your career as a License Practical Nurse! Did you know that finding an accredited LPN online class can be challenging? Did you know that medical careers for trained professionals are highly in demand? Getting your LPN license actually increases your chances of finding an LPN job and taking your career to the NEXT LEVEL! LPN online classes and requirements change state to state. Start now by simply clicking on your state below to learn the training requirements and what you need to get started.

LPN Training by State


  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts


LPNs or licensed practical nurses are active healthcare professionals who work under the supervision of registered nurses or doctors. They are integral parts of any health care teams. Being an LPN is not for everyone, but for those who desires to make it their passion the benefits are boundless. If you are interested in becoming an LPN, read more in Learn Why You Should Study LPN.


The shortage of approved nursing personnel across the US has compelled thousands of people to choose the career as a way to gain success in their professional life. It’s predicted that the amount of LPNs employed will rise by about 14% by the year 2016. By 2025, there will be a shortfall of over half a million nurses. All these predictions indicate the profound need for approved nurses in the future, and an increased demand for LPNs. So taking the advantage of this demand may be the smartest choice you could make, not only because you will reap the personal rewards of this profession, but also because you are entering into one of the top three in-demand jobs from now to 2016!

An LPN Online Class is one of the more practical online courses these days. A career as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is one of the more appealing career choices these days as it can be a lucrative and stable job, regardless of the economic downturn being experienced by many countries these days. An LPN can expect promising pay and much easier entry into the job market due to the fact that nurses of all levels of training and experience are always in demand. However, not everybody can shift to a nursing career, especially if they don’t have the time to go back to nursing school or already have an existing job that they can’t leave for financial reasons just to take up nursing. Fortunately for these people, an LPN Online Class allows them to adjust the schedule so that they can hold down their current jobs and responsibilities while studying for a higher paying, more stable future as a licensed practical nurse.

Requirements for an Online LPN Course

While these online courses have made licensed practical nursing as a career that much more accessible, it doesn’t mean that anyone can just sign up for an account and start with the course. There are a few requirements that interested individuals must first meet. In most cases, you need to have at least a GED or a High School Diploma. This type of requirement is a boon, since it means you can start training while still in school, so that by the time you enter collegiate level, you already have a choice between furthering your studies or pursuing a career as a licensed practical nurse. This is applicable if your school participates in obtaining credit hours through a vocational center. In most cases, you are required to have completed some college prerequisites, particularly the pre-med courses.

These course requirements tend to vary per state.

The pre-med courses required are usually science-related courses such as cell physiology or microbiology, as well as a general math course and an English course. The Nursing school or university that you are targeting will be able to provide you with a list of pre-med courses that they require, and it is a good idea to check them out first as they can vary from school to school.

How LPN Online Class Training Works

lpn online class studentsThe concept behind these types of online courses is simple, as you take courses through the web, from the privacy of your home or office (if you choose to take courses during your break time or after work.) Afterward, you meet for classes or laboratory work at appointed times in order to learn practical application as well as fulfill skill requirements, such as learning how to use intravenous methods of administering medicine or the proper way of dressing a patient. The schedule is mostly flexible, with evening classes available for students who work or study another course during the day. Online LPN class courses are a great way to acquire an education in Nursing, as it is designed specifically for people who no longer have the time or the opportunity to go back to a conventional nursing school, such as people who already have established careers and just want to shift to the more stable nursing profession or people who need to work in order to support their studies. So let’s take a closer look at the real steps to becoming an lpn.



This is the initial step in becoming an LPN, and it involves locating and lpn online classgraduating from an accredited LPN training program. These programs will help you to learn the basics of medical terminology and nursing responsibilities and thus become competent nurses. Finding the right LPN school can be a difficult process and enrolling in the course is a combination of meeting the admission requirements and ensuring that the particular school is accredited as well as has a validated track record of success. For more facts on this topic click here Finding The Right LPN School Nurse.

A common query of many potential nursing aspirants is, “How long is medical school?” In fact, it is a valid question, since it is wise to be well informed about the required time before getting into a lifelong dedication like nursing. The road to becoming an LPN is not a long one. The answer to the question, “how long is a LPN medical school,” is an average of 12 months, though many schools require more time to complete.

The Requirements For Nursing School largely depend on what type of LPN program it offers. All programs offered by LPN schools are different. Potential students must consider the following factors when they are selecting the program that fits their requirements:

  • Program length
  • Faculty experience and credentials
  • Resources and facilities available to the nursing students
  • State requirements for LPN programs
  • The availability of financial aid and tuition fees
  • Connections with soon-to-be employers


We have created individual state profile pages for applicants looking to find the right LPN program along with its requirements for them. To get started, click .here


Now let’s take a closer view at more of the steps it takes to becoming an lpn.The next step in the process is to obtain a license by the applicable regulatory body in your state by passing the NCLEX-PN exam. The licensure exam is nationally-recognized, is administered by state boards of nursing, and is presented through the National Council of State Boards of Nursing at testing locations in each of the fifty states.


Once you have obtained the license, it will be time to get some on-the-job training in the nursing profession. This type of experience will look really good on your curriculum vitae during interviews. The training will also let you become familiar with the job requirements as well as build-up your proficiency in vital skills.


With your license and experience in hand, you’ll now be able to apply for your first job. You’ll gradually become qualified for more positions as you gather more experience.


While a larger portion of the applicants still prefers undergoing training through the more conventional in-classroom setting, more and more individuals are starting to acknowledge the many advantages of the various online LPN programs. Due to the tremendous flexibility, these schools offer in terms of time, people who face pressing time constraints are now becoming more interested in completing the LPN program via such online delivery platform.

It may be pretty difficult to select the best program among all the available online courses due to the wide range of choices that you’ll be bombarded with. However, you should consider the following things when selecting the right online medical school for you.

  • Online medical school requirements
  • Cost of tuition fee
  • Platform, work course and credentials of the online medical school
  • Availability of the professors
  • Time flexibility

When choosing the online program, it is highly recommended that you restrict your choices to LPN programs online that use detailed and extensive modules. Make sure that you only select among LPN programs which fit your level of understanding so that you can absorb all the information that you require. Click HERE for a more detailed steps to becoming an LPN and information on online LPN programs.

Finally, in order for the online program to become fruitful, you’ll need to still give 100% effort and devote your time so you’ll be ready to sit for the licensing examination.